Children of Peace:

Beautiful artistic sculpture of the Children of our world united in a friendship bond of love, understanding and respect for all people of all cultures.
This is a unique figurine that is available here form Serenity's Journey®. Feel the love and peace for "our" would.

Price: $26.95
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Children of Peace
Gypsum cement figurine depicting children from different countries making a circle to unite our planet. #12139

Product Features:
  • Beautiful detail
  • Glass world globe included
  • Instruction card included
  • A perfect gift item for inner Peace
  • Weight: 1.00 lb


The Balance of Feng Shui:

Alleged masters of feng shui, those who understand the five elements and the two energies such as chi and sha (hard energy, the opposite of chi), are supposed to be able to detect metaphysical energies and give directions for their optimal flow. Feng shui has become a kind of architectural acupuncture: wizards and magi insert themselves into buildings or landscapes and use their metaphysical sensors to detect the flow of good and bad "energy."

These masters for hire declare where bathrooms should go, which way doorways should face, where mirrors should hang, which room needs green plants and which one needs red flowers, which direction the head of the bed should face, etc. They decide these things on the basis of their feel for the flow of chi, electromagnetic fields, or whatever other form of energy the client will worry about. (If you and your lover are having trouble in the bedroom, call a feng shui master. You probably need to move a few things around to get the bedroom chi flowing properly. Only a person with special metaphysical sensors, however, can tell what really needs to be done.)


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