Zen T Light Garden Three Lights Holder:

This little Zen T Light garden encourages you to meditate and relax. It reflects your inner feelings through the light. That is when small things take on a bigger resonance, when we have the chance to glimpse the meaning of the world in a grain of sand, for it has been framed in majestic simplicity. It will bring stillness to your nerves, let your mind float, sweeten your soul, or like a book reach down into some deeper earthiness of your more secret nature.

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Zen Garden Triple Tea Lights
This set includes everything you need to get started on a "meditative" state of serenity and tranquility. You can use this while relaxing, meditating or just taking a bath! Perfect and unique gift too! #04000

According to Zen and Feng Shui beliefs, every corner of one’s environment is important and deserves respect.

Product Features:
  • Beautiful Tea Light Pillars
  • Base for Sand and Stones
  • Individual Zen Stones for Base
  • Pure White filtered Sand
  • A perfect addition to your "special place"
  • Item is 8 x 8 inches approx 6 inches high with sand/weight 2.25 lbs

The Chakra Balance:

It has been known since ancient times that colors directly affect us both scientifically and metaphysically. Color therapy, which is also known as Chromopathy utilizes the infinite range of colors found in the full spectrum. It can affect or change the balance of our physical organs our moods and our emotions.

Through color we are able to stimulate balance and harmony within ourselves on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is due to the fact that each individual color has it's own unique frequency of electromagnetic energy that passes through us like a wave. Color therapy has also been directly linked to the harmony of the Seven Chakras (the energy centers of our very beings). Following is a list of individual colors and their known affects.

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Feng Shui is the art of arranging your furnishings, in your home or office, to enhance your life, helping you to achieve harmony & balance in everything that you do. These wonderful products help create that "Balance".

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