The Zen Garden:

For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have cultivated gardens of harmoniously arranged rocks and white raked gravel - creating silent havens for peaceful contemplation.

By cultivating a miniature Zen garden - reducing for a moment the day’s problems to a few waves of sand against the rocks - one may come away feeling as if the rest of life has become simpler.

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Zen Garden
This little Zen garden encourages you to create or just play. It reflects your inner feelings through the designs and patterns you rake. #66112

Product Features:
  • Decorative base display
  • Micro-sifted all natural white sand
  • Miniature hand rake
  • Artistic stones to create your creative serenity
According to Zen and Feng Shui beliefs, every corner of one’s environment is important and deserves respect.

Your Zen garden can be the beginning of a lifelong adventure of seeing things in a new way. This garden may enable you to enter into a tradition that goes as far back as 3000 B.C. and is as near to you in time as your next thought or your next perception. In the inner appreciation of the simplicity of a miniature garden one has the ability to reduce all complexities to a matter of sand and rocks.

To appreciate Zen gardens it is important to understand why and how the elements used in them came to be of importance to the Japanese.

They believe that not only was it beneficial to live in a harmonious or well balanced environment, it also promotes longevity.


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