Hand Painted Purple Om Shawl w/Fringe:
Since antiquity men and women have wrapped themselves and their loved ones in a simple piece of fabric - a rectangle or square - a shawl. Shawls have often been used for decorative purposes as well as to protect and cover. The word shawl is derived from the Persian word "shal" and is a universal garment. For some a shawl may symbolize a loving God, a mother's embrace, a kind of hug that we give ourselves or it may simply be a practical protector from the cold. FREE SHIPPING (in the US)

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Shawl Purple Om Hand Painted with Fringe
Hand Painted-soft weave with fringe: perfect for covering up. This is a BEAUTIFUL shawl~!

Please click here to learn how to wear and tie Shawls & Sarongs

Product Features:
  • 64" in total length from end to end
    • 3" from bottom to top or Shawl
    • Hand painted with intricate & beautiful design
    • Gentle wash cold water
  • Fringes along the length
  • Very light weight - stunning!

Very detailed Design, Beautiful Colors:

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Please click here to learn how to wear and tie Shawls & Sarongs


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